Dryer Vent Cleaning Mooresville NC

Dryer Vent Cleaning Mooresville NC

Amazing Air Duct Mooresville also provide dryer vent cleaning in Mooresville NC.

A dryer vent is an appliance found in the dryer, and it measures around four inches in its diameter. The device is mostly made up of aluminium and is located at the back of the dryer. Its primary use is to transport moisture away from your home.

Dry vent cleaning is the process of using cleaning equipment to remove dirt or any other clogged materials on your duct. For efficiency of the duct and durability ensure you occasionally clean it. Most manufacturers recommend occasional cleaning to prevent break down or damage due to clogged material. Although many dryers have a lint trap, some particles may bypass the trap and reach the dryer vent hence causing clogging.

Dry vent cleaning should be done occasionally, after every six months. However, it would help if you cleaned the lint trap every day or anytime you want to use the dryer. Cleaning ensures that any particles, debris or lint that is preventing the proper functioning of your dryer.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Dryer Vent?

  • Improper working of dryer vents can cause fires – Recent research done on the causes of fires in homes stated that defective dryer vents are the second leading causing of fires. Clogged up dryers can lead to extreme temperatures in your home and thus may cause a fire. Therefore you should ensure that you properly maintain your dryer to prevent such accidents.
  • Does not dry clothes properly – Another reason you should consider cleaning your dryer vent. Clothes take a considerable time to dry, or they end up not drying up properly. It will not adequately serve the purpose you want it to. If you’re going to reinstate its proper functioning, you should consider thorough cleaning and dryer lint removal.
  • Energy consumption – Faulty dryer vent tends to consume more energy. The dryer will take a considerable long period to dry clothes and also it will tend to produce a lot of heat in its working process. High energy consumption will lead to a remarkably high electricity bill. In the recent robust economies, you should find all means to cut your bills.
  • Health hazards – Dirt or debris stuck in the vent can facilitate a conducive breeding ground for fungi. These fungi can cause disease to your family. Also, the quality of the air in the house is interfered with. Respiratory infections are caused by fungi, such as mold and mildew. To ensure you are healthy ensure that you clean your vent occasionally adequately to improve the quality of air in your household.

How Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Work?

The cleaning process is straightforward with the right equipment and skill. You don’t need to hire a professional to do the cleaning you can do it yourself.

Step one: Ensure your lint trap is cleaned correctly

Dryer lint removal should be your first step in the cleaning process. Carefully remove it, and you gently scrape out all lint on the trap. If there is still any debris, you can use a vacuum to remove it. For best results, you can use a dryer brush to scrap and proceed by vacuuming the mesh.

Step two: Clean the trap vent

For best results, you can use a long brush to reach the vent and vacuum it later correctly. There is a special cleaning kit specifically designed for cleaning of dryer vents; it will give you the best results.

Step three: Duct cleaning

This is the final stage in the cleaning process. It should be done cautiously to avoid further damages to the dryer. Carefully follow the following steps for efficient results:

  • Detach the dryer from the wall
  • Ensure you disconnect from electricity or gas
  • Disconnect the duct from the dryer
  • Thoroughly vacuum the dorsal part of the dryer
  • You can make use of a gentle spinning to reach the interior of the duct and then clean the duct again
  • Reconnect it and if any replacements are required ensure you do so.

Bottom Line

Every electrical equipment needs proper maintenance for it to work efficiently, and a dryer is not exceptional. A dryer vent is a very crucial part of your dryer and without it it cannot properly dry your clothes and may put your home at risk of fires.

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